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Reader Bio's

Tarot Cards

Amy Mullett

Tarot Card Reader

For Amy, as an Empath/Psychic/Medium, there was a natural draw to the Angel and Tarot Cards.

In 2015 while cruising my spiritual path in Florida. I first learned the Angel Cards from a wonderful woman Lisa Rivers, who learned under Doreen Virtue.

Then in 2019 I took Private Tarot classes with Lori Sheridan in Norwell Ma and Learned the Tarot Cards, which I really loved. For me, I connected right away, as I feel they tell a deeper story than the angel cards. 

Then in 2021 Both Kat Caruso and Author Cliff Aguire further helped and guided me to fine-tune my gift in the art of Tarot. 


With help from my spiritual guides on the "other side" and from my client's guides, I use a mixture of what each card means and what psychic impressions I get during your reading.


Sometimes I'm also given a personal message for the client to help them on their journey.   Sometimes it comes as a thought that is relayed to the client or through automatic writing. 


Amy is available for Readings:

Monday - Friday 11am - 5pm


Kat Caruso

Tarot Card Reader & Teacher

Kat Comes from a long line of psychics in her family.  As a child she became aware she was clairvoyant. The women in her family often took her for Tarot card readings from a young age.

In 1985, Kat apprenticed as a card reader under Scott Erickson.


In her 20’s she started to explore reading cards herself. Using the Morgan Greer Deck. Eventually, with experience, she started to read professionally.


Over the past 39 yrs Kat has expanded her experience into reading Angel Cards, Viking Runes, and a variety of different Tarot Decks.

While living in San Francisco in 1997 she also learned the Herbal Tarot.


In 2010, Kat worked at Pauline’s Tarot,

reading both cards and Runes.


Between 2006 and 2023 Kat also worked at Open Doors in Brighton and Braintree, MA as a tarot reader.


Since then, Kat has worked for herself tending to her private clients, and during this time has been featured at many in-home parties in client’s homes or private functions.


Kat is currently working here with us at Amy’s Healing Arts in Hanson doing card readings. Soon she will be hosting classes teaching the Art of Tarot. Look for her classes coming soon on our events page!


Kat is also a Reiki Master and helps facilitate at our bi-weekly Reiki Share circles.

Kat is available for Readings:

Tuesday nights, 5:30 - 8:30

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