With over a decade of experience in the field of Massage and Energy Work, Amy combines a holistic approach to health and the body that includes both prevention and maintenance. Along with a natural sense of caring for people and the human body I take pride in getting to know each and every client and their individual needs, to bring you the ultimate experience with every visit.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Rev Amy 

Hello and Welcome,

I'd like to share with you a little about myself and my background. I Recently moved to Massachusetts from the sunny state of Florida (which would be about 5 yrs now) having spent the last 17 yrs there learning, studying, and cultivating my love of the Healing Arts. Looking back to my childhood, I realized that from a young age I had the gift of being an empath but did not understand any of it at the time, and I would eventually come to find as an adult that I was also a healer and a psychic medium. These gifts were further explored and refined in my late 20’s to the present.  


In 2010 while living in Florida I directed my studies into Massage Therapy attending Florida Career College, graduating top of my class with Honors and a 4.0 GPA.  Upon graduating I opened my own Mobile Massage business,  And from there I went on to open my own 8 room spa, But always there was a call from the other side.


So, in 2014 I attended classes at the "Divine Love Institute" where I studied and became a Reiki Master/Teacher. Feeling I had finally found the direction of my life’s path. I then continued on to further expand my studies and practices in many different areas such as, Qigong(Moving Meditation), Angel & Tarot Card Readings, Chakra Balancing, Cord Cutting, & Guided Meditation. I am now taking medium-ship development classes to deepen my connection to spirit so that in the near future I may bring you clear messages from past love ones that have crossed over.


Update for 2019: I am proud to announce I am now an Ordained Minister. I will soon be offering Holy Fire Reiki Energized Weddings.

Update for 2021: after 2 yrs in the making, I'm very excited to announce the addition of "Soul Contact" to my list of services, other wise known as Past Life Regression Hypnosis Therapy. 


I am always studying and working to expand my skills and knowledge in all the healing arts fields, as it is my Life’s Passion to help others find their Purpose, Inner Peace, Relaxation, & Joy.