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Gift Cards

Amy's Healing Arts offers On-Line & In-Person gift certificates in any denomination.

All our gift certificates can be personalized and may be exchanged for any of our treatments.

Gift Certificates are Great for any Holiday or Special occasion!

Navigating the purchase Screen 

After clicking Buy Now button:

Choose Design: Use side arrows to toggle and choose your desired gift card photo.

Choose Type: Select Individual or Group. With group gift cards you can invite people to pool money for one recipient.

Choose amount: If you would like a specific amount for a service not pre-populated on the checkout screen, simply choose the custom amount tab and type your chosen amount in. 

Promo Code: If you have a promo code it gives you the option to add that next. 

Email: All gift cards will be emailed to your choice of either yourself or to a specific recipient.

Date:  You will also be given the choice to send it instantly or on a future date.

Message: Finally there is a tab where you may add a personal message.If you chose a custom amount please type the service you are requesting in this space also.

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