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"Mid-Week Energy Tweek"




We will be holding a Free in-person Holy Fire III Reiki Share twice per month, we try to meet every other Wednesday from 7pm - 8pm (with some fluctuation for Holidays and Vacations). This event lasts about an hour at which point you can exit if needed, or stay another half hour for some like-minded group chat and insight.


Are You Ready to Improve Your Health,  De-Stress Your Life, and Find Peace?


Join us to Renew and let go of all the unwanted Stress and Funky-Junk you've accumulated over time, and to receive a wonderful Energy Recharge!

  • *This Reiki Share is Open to Guests who would like to Experience/Receive Reiki,

  • *And also to Reiki Practitioners of any lineage who would like to practice Giving Reiki. 

Please make sure to RSVP all persons in your party separately so that we have an idea of how many people will be coming.


Next event:

April - 10th & 24th

May - 8th & 22nd

June - 12th & 26th

July - 10th & 24th

Aug - 7th & 21st

Sept - 4th & 18th

Oct - 2nd & 16th

Nov - 6th & 20th

Dec - 4th & 18th


Open to all Guests:

For those who would like to receive Reiki or who are curious about Reiki and would like to see what it feels like, come join us to experience this wonderful ancient healing technique.

Some of you may be wondering what it's like and what to expect, and some of you may have already attended a Reiki share before. In this unique Style, you will be seated in chairs in a circle, and I myself, joined by other Reiki Practitioners will be standing behind you guiding this wonderful healing energy through your body and aura with a series of hand placements. Starting by lightly touching your shoulders, top of your head, upper back, etc. All while listening to a guided meditation that will help you to release and let go of all the tension, stress, pain, worry, sadness, or whatever it may be that you've been holding on to. Bringing about a wonderful sense of release, healing, and renewal. The full event lasts an hour, with 30mins at the beginning of "mix and mingle" while we wait for everyone to arrive, followed by 30mins of the Reiki Meditation. Please be on time as doors lock 15mins after the hour and will not open again until we are finished.

Bring your Friends and Loved ones and enjoy this wonderful rejuvenating experience together!


Open to all Reiki Practitioners:

If you are a Reiki Practitioner of any Lineage & Level and would like to come and practice giving, I welcome you to join us. Please contact me before the event so that you can send me a copy of your reiki certificate and we can go over the process together.

If you have any questions about this event please contact me @ 765-350-0000.

Thank you.

I can't wait to see everyone soon!





*All cell phones must be placed on OFF or Airplane mode once the session begins.

*Even though this event is Free, a Donations box with be available if you would like to help assure future reiki share events for those in Need.

Thank you.

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