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Reiki School
Class Schedule

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Teaching Holy Fire 1 & Holy Fire 3*


Reiki I: Sunday, July (TBD) (HF1)


Reiki II: Sunday, June 23rd (HF1)


A.R.T:  Sunday, May 19th (HF1)


Master/Teacher (HF1):  Sat & Sun,

June 29th & 30th. 2 DAY CLASS!


Holy Fire 3 Classes:  (Call to Inquire)

**You must Pre-register to save your seat with a Non-refundable Deposit or Pay in Full. 

**The remainder is due 7 Days before class is set to begin. 


**Reminder emails will be sent out the week before class.


**Fees are non-refundable. If you reschedule within the 7 days before class or no-show the day of class, you will lose your deposit amount, and any remaining funds above the deposit amount will be held toward a future class.


If class signup shows as closed, within the 7 days before a class, and you're looking to sign up , Please call to check availability with Amy directly @ 765-350-0000. And if Seats are available we will gladly welcome you. Full pay will be required at that time. 

All classes normally run from 10am to 6:00pm with an hour break for lunch with several small breaks throughout the day. 

Classes require a minimum of 2 students or will need to be rescheduled.


Here at AHA, I believe that if someone steps forward and is ready to learn, then I am very happy to schedule classes as requested. So, if you see a class or workshop that you are interested in, or are guided to attend, please give me a call and I will be happy to schedule a class!

*Private Classes are offered for Advanced (A.R.T.) classes and Master classes ONLY. 

Reiki Treatment

Reiki 1







In Level 1 you will learn the origin and history of Reiki. You will learn the science behind Reiki and how it works. You will be fully attuned to the Source of Reiki and learn to give to yourself, your pets, and others. You will also learn the Japanese Reiki techniques of Byosen scanning, Reiji-ho, and Ken Yoku.

This level can be taught as Holy fire 1


Holy fire 3


Certificate issued upon completion.


Reiki Treatment

Reiki 2







In Level 2 you will fine-tune and strengthen your Reiki with an emphasis on treating others as well as an expanded opening of your own energy channels. You will then learn the level 2 symbols and be fully attuned to their energies. You will practice sending distance Reiki and also learn many other Reiki techniques. 

This level can be taught as Holy fire 1


Holy fire 3


Certificate issued upon completion.


Reiki Treatment










In Advanced Reiki Training 

(A.R.T.) You will learn the Master Symbol and be fully attuned.


You will learn how to use Crystals during a session and how to balance the Chakras.


You will learn how to work with a Reiki Grid during absentia. 


You will also learn Aura Clearing (Psychic Surgery).


You'll learn Moving Meditation to strengthen your Qi and connection to Source.


Lastly, you will experience a guided meditation to meet your personal Reiki Guide.

This class is for any lineage Usui & Holy Fire 1 Students only.


Certificate issued upon completion. 










In this 2 day class you will learn the Holy Fire Symbol and be fully attuned. You will learn how to give healing attunements, self attunements, placements, and ignitions. You will learn what it is to be a Reiki Master and all the techniques.

On day 2 you will learn how to pass on Reiki to others and how to teach Reiki to others. 

This 2 day class is taught separate from the Art class

and includes a 1 hour mandatory class meeting the day before.


Holy Fire 1 Master/Teacher Certificate issued upon completion. 


Holy Fire 3 Master/Teacher 

This is the 3 day combined Master/Teacher class for Holy fire 3 Students only, who must take the ART and Master class together in one 3 day weekend.

You learn everything above from the Art and Master classes.

Holy Fire 3 Art/Master/Teacher

Certificate issued upon completion. 


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