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Bundled Packages

Amy's Healing Arts offers several different bundled packages available to you at a discounted price when you Pre-purchase a bundle of services, resulting in significant savings to you of up to 25% off!  And, If you choose to Add Reiki Flow, it's included at 50% off to these special packages Only!. Giving you even more savings when Pre-purchasing a bundle. 

If you would like to purchase a Bundle for a  gift, note the chosen bundle description and price, then go to the gift card page.

While on the purchase page, choose the custom amount tab and type the price in, then under personal message write the package you have chosen and any message you would like to send.

All gift cards will be emailed either to yourself or to a chosen recipient, and it can be sent instantly or on a specific date. 


*Note* underlined links below are for quick checkout and will not generate a gift card, only a paid receipt.

Pink Card

Bundle 1

Looking for the perfect gift for yourself or others?

Pre-purchase our Gift Certificate bundle of

"Three"  40, 60, or 90min services and receive one FREE!!!! 

Add Reiki at Half Off!


Thats 4 services for the price of 3! 


3+1 Free 40min - $180

3+1 Free 40min w/R - $240

3+1 Free 60min - $240

3+1 Free 60min w/R - $300

3+1 Free 90min - $360

3+1 Free 90min w/R - $420

*w/R means with Reiki

Paper Wrapped Box

Bundle 3

Zone Bundle

Purchase a bundle of

7 x 30min Zone massages or Reiki sessions to use for the whole month, and get 1 free. 

Use daily or break them up into 2 massages or reiki sessions per week or however you like.

Great upkeep for those with a chronic issue due to a job or health matter.

   8 x 30min - $350

8 x 30min w/R - $490

Oil Massage

Bundle 5


Skin so Soft Bundle

Prepurchase 5 fully body skin softening treatments get 1 FREE!

Add Reiki at Half Off!

3+1 Free - $120

3+1 Free w/R - $180

5+1 Free - $200

5+1 Free w/R - $300

*w/R means with Reiki

Gift Wrapped

Bundle 2

Pre-purchase our gift certificate Bundle of "Five"

20 or 30min services get one FREE!

Add Reiki at Half Off!


That's 6 services for the price of 5!


5+1 Free 20min - $200

5+1 Free 20min w/R - $300

5+1 Free 30min - $250

5+1 Free 30min w/R - $350

Gift Bags

Bundle 4

Pregnancy Bundle

Prepurchase a bundle of our 60min Prenatal Massages and get one FREE. 

Add Reiki at Half Off!

3+1 Free - $240

3+1 Free w/R - $300

5+1 Free - $400

5+1 Free w/R - $500

*w/R means with Reiki

Image by Roman Kraft



Detail information about any of these services can be found on the main menu under Massage or Reiki.

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