Massage Services

This massage is concentrated on one area where you might be having some issues, trouble, pain,or stiffness. i.e. back & neck, legs & Feet, etc. 



Focus is on Neck, shoulders, lower back, hands and feet. Using pillows and side-lying when needed.


$30-30min $60-60min

First a Hot towel wash is applied followed by a hot stone massage of the feet, ankles, & calves with attention to specific points on the feet to promote deep relaxation, emotional balance,and well-being. Your choice of Essential oil included.

Skin Softening


For Dry, Ruff, Weather battered Skin.

A Warm Full Body application of a revolutionary anti-aging lotion. A powerful blend of renewable bamboo silk powder, green tea extract and organic aloe vera juice.

Lotus Touch Organic Naturals Bamboo Silk Lotion with added Avocado Oil  for ultimate Hydration. 





Reiki can be added to any Listed massage style you choose. 



This style of massage is performed with a mixture of soft, medium or deep pressure where needed over the entire body ensuing deep relief and relaxation.

During this massage Reiki is allowed to flow where needed in the body to help Relax, Balance and Heal while receiving  your chosen massage style.

Massage of the Neck, Shoulders, Arms,  Hands, & Feet 


This massage is for those that Don't wish to undress or/ Only enjoy their extremities massaged... But Oh So Love to be Pampered!

Massage of neck, shoulders, arms & Hands along with the above Hot Towel, Hot Stone, essential oil reflexology foot treatment. 

Chair Massage

$2 min

Chair massage is offered in my office only. It is performed while you relax fully clothed on my specialty massage chair

15 min maximum.

 Essential oils


Some of the health benefits of essential oils include its ability to reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost energy levels, eliminate headaches, boost cognitive performance, induce sleep, reduce pain, and increase circulation.

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