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Cord Cutting

Cutting cords of attachment.

Etheric cords/psychic cords

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cutting cords scissors.jpg

Psychic cords are made of astral and energetic energy that connect two peoples subtle bodies. The bonds stretch between them very much like an umbilical cord and transfer emotional energy and Qi between the two no matter how far apart they may be.  This typically happens when they share a deeply intimate relationship such as family members or lovers. Most of these cords can be positive giving you feelings of love and happiness.


Although Some psychic cords don't just develop out of love. Other strong emotions you may share with another such as grief, jealousy, or trauma can create negative cords causing severe problems emotionally, subconsciously, spiritually, energetically, and physically. Giving you a feeling of being drained, unhappy, and stuck in a cycle or rut unable to move forward


In this guided meditation while receiving Reiki, and going through a Healing attunement you will be cutting etheric cords you have created with others that are no longer needed, so that you and they may heal and move on. 

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