Reiki Class Schedule

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Reiki I: (call to book)


Reiki II: (call to book) 


A.R.T:  (call to book)


Master/Teacher: (call to book)

Master/Teacher Upgrade: (call to book)


All classes normally run from 10am to 6:00pm

Now Booking Private One person classes or Very small group classes. Limit 4 students.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki 1







In Level 1 you will learn the origin and history of Reiki. You will learn the science behind Reiki and how it works. You will be fully attuned to the Source of Reiki and learn to give to yourself and others. You will also learn the Japanese Reiki techniques of Byosen scanning, Reiji-ho, and Ken Yoku.

Certificate issued upon completion.



Reiki Treatment

Reiki 2







In Level 2 you will fine tune and strengthen your Reiki with an emphasis on treating others as well as an expanded opening of your own energy channels. You will then learn the level 2 symbols and be fully attuned to their energies. You will practice sending distance Reiki and also learn many other Reiki techniques. 

Certificate issued upon completion.



Reiki Treatment









In Advanced Reiki Training (A.R.T.) You will learn the Master Symbol and be fully attuned. You will learn how to use Crystals during a session and how to balance the Chakras. Your will learn how to work with a Reiki Grid during absentia. You will learn Aura Clearing (Psychic Surgery). You will learn Moving Meditation. as well as experience a guided meditation to meet your personal Reiki Guide.

Certificate issued upon completion. 











In this 2 day Class you will learn the Holy Fire Symbol and be fully attuned. You will learn how to give healing attunements, self attunements, placements and ignitions. You will learn what it is to be a Reiki Master and all the techniques. On day 2 you will learn how to pass on reiki to others and how to teach Reiki to others. 

Master/Teacher Certificate issued upon completion. 


Current Masters upgrading to Holy Fire

This is a one day intensive class for Masters of any lineage of Reiki who are not Holy Fire and want the upgrade. Includes a required one hour meeting/meditation the day before.